Fashion blogger poses in vine arch, in suede sliders, black ripped jeans, NASA tee and denim jacket

Quarter Life Crisis

Fashion blogger poses in vine archway, with suede sliders, black ripped jeans, NASA tee, denim jacket

I am in the middle of a semi quarter life crisis. I’m 24 and I have no idea what I want to do with my life. And I have no idea how to figure it out. I had the same problem when I was 18 doing my final exams in school and had to pick a college course and again when I was in my final year of college and had to decide what I was going to do next and I’ve had that problem ever since. When I was 18 I picked a college course that would be broad enough to give me an idea of what I like and what I don’t. I did a BA in Politics and Public Administration, within the course I also studied Law, Economics and Sociology. I love Sociology and Politics and hated the rest. But when it came to my final year I had to decide again. If I wanted to continue with Sociology and Politics I would have to do a Masters and then maybe a PhD after that, and I wouldn’t be guaranteed any work either. These subjects are so interesting but they don’t transfer well to actual careers. My dream was to do a Masters in Gender Studies but realistically I wanted to be independent from my parents and start making some money.

Fashion blogger with black ripped jeans, brown suede sliders, denim jacket and green and blue bag

That is why I moved to the Middle East and started teaching. It wasn’t my passion but it was interesting, I got to live in a new place and best of all I got to travel, a lot! This is my third year of teaching. I enjoy it for the most part, but I don’t want to teach for the rest of my life. I also don’t want to live in Dubai for the rest of my life, but I’m not ready to move home either. I want this to be my last year of teaching. I don’t see the benefit of staying in this job for too much longer when it’s not what I want to pursue. So again I have to decide what it is I want to do. I’ve been looking up courses and jobs and it’s just so hard to decide.

Happy fashion blogger poses in botanical garden, black ripped jeans and NASA tee and suede sliders

Some people know from the age of four that they are going to be a teacher or a doctor or a vet or whatever it may be. Some people figure it out in secondary school, some realize in college. But  I can’t be the only person who still doesn’t know right? I’d love to here from you, how did you decide? How did you know for sure? And is there anyone else out there that still doesn’t know?!

Fashion blogger poses in vine arch, in suede sliders, black ripped jeans, NASA tee and denim jacket

These photos were taken during my summer break back home in Ireland. I had a whole carefree summer where I let myself not think about the future and just enjoy the time off. Which I did so much! The photos were taken by my good friend Steff. Check out his website and instagram.

Fashion blogger poses in botanical garden, with black ripped jeans, suede sliders, nasa tee

This is a go to outfit for me during summer in Ireland or winter in Dubai. Nice slogan tee, ripped jeans and my staple denim jacket. The NASA tee and demin jacket are from Penny’s. The jeans are, the sliders are from New Look. The sunglasses are from a market in Kuala Lumper and the bag is from India.

Fashion blogger poses in botanical garden with black ripped jeans, suede sliders, NASA tee

Hope you enjoyed this slightly more personal post from me. I really would love to hear from you, tell me how you figured your life out, and any tips are welcome! Check out other fashion or travel posts. Follow me on Bloglovin’ here and I would love for you to check out my instagram and leave me a little comment letting me know you came from the blog! Hope you have a great day and thanks for reading xx

6 thoughts on “Quarter Life Crisis

  1. the harmony in our clothes says:

    I totally relate! I’m currently doing a master’s degree and I still don’t really know what I’m gonna end up doing haha At this point, I just love what I’m studying (pretty much computer translation mixed with french and English) and I know the field is hiring, so hey that’s that. When i started college, I did two years in anthropology because I thought it was so interesting, but damn fields like this one are so dead. It was a big mistake because the point is to get a job, so I think these fiels are very dangerous considering they are dead-ends. Sometimes I wish I had a vocation, but we have to let things happen 🙂 I’m sure that life has nice surprises for us in store.

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  2. Steph says:

    I did the exact same thing as you at 24, I had a complete meltdown which resulted in me quitting my job, ending a relationship and moving home to my parents from London. 10 years later I still have no clue what I want to do but you know what? I’ve learnt that it really doesn’t matter, and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. If you grow up with one passion and goal in life, great. But the majority of us don’t and that’s fine too. Just try everything! Take opportunities as they come and be open minded. Sometimes they will be a perfect fit and you’ll find yourself doing something you love, sometimes they won’t be you’ll move on to something else, but it’s all experience at tHe end of the day. You’ll find your niche along the way, and sometimes not having a set goal can be a good thing because you won’t pass up great chances just because they don’t match the plan. It can feel scary, but let me assure you that you honestly have nothing to worry about – it’s completely normal! Keep smiling!

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