View of Cathedral of Assumption from Observation Deck, Zagreb, Croatia

Top 6 things to see in Zagreb

This post is going to quickly take you through six things worth seeing in Zagreb, Croatia. I spent less than 20 hours in total in Zagreb but I did enjoy my time there. It seemed to be a small city but full of culture. It’s definitely worth stopping over in Zagreb before you hit the coastal towns of Croatia. I stayed in Main Square Hostel which was quite a cute hostel and does what it says on the tin, perfectly located on the Main Square.

View from Observation Deck at Ban Jelačić Square, Zagreb, Croatia

  1. St. Mark’s Church 

This is located in Old Town only five minutes from the hostel. You have the option of taking the funicular up the hill but it’s really not a hard climb. On the way to the church you’ll see Lotrscak Tower. St. Mark’s Church is worth seeing because of the interesting roof. It has the coat of arms of Croatia on the roof which is quite unusual and not something I had seen on a church before!

St. Mark's Church, Zagreb, Croatia

2. Museum of Broken Relationships 

This is quite a unique museum. It houses objects donated by people from their failed relationships along with a short story about the relationship. It cost 30KN (4 Euro) and is only a minute from St. Mark’s Church. Some of the stories are funny, some are sad and some are absolutely heartbreaking. Tip – do not go with your partner, it is the opposite of romantic!

3. Tkalciceva Street

This is where you’ll find all the bars and restaurants and all the tourists in the evening. Somewhere on this street you’ll find a place that suits you. We found a lovely bar with a musician singing out of the upstairs window!

4. Observation Deck 

View of Ban Jelačić Square from the Observation Deck, Zagreb, Croatia

This is back in the Main Square across from the hostel. It costs 60KN (8 Euro) and you can stay as long as you like and can even come back up again for sunset. From here you have amazing 360 views of the whole city!

View of Zagreb Croatia, from Observation Deck


5. Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary

I saw the cathedral from the observation deck and just walked over to get a closer look. It’s not somewhere you’re going to spend a lot of time but it is a beautiful cathedral worth checking out.

Cathedral of Assumption, Zagreb, Croatia

6. Dolac Market

Flowers at Dolac Market, Zagreb, Croatia

This is again only a minute from the hostel. Here you can pick out fresh flowers, fruit, vegetables or souvenirs. There’s also a beautiful mural to check out here.

Mural at Dolac Market, Zagreb, Croatia

So that was my short and sweet little post on Zagreb. Remember I only had less than 20 hours there and all of this (and a bit more) fit into that time. If you have more time in Zagreb I’m sure you can find more to do. But, like me, if you are short on time you can still see so much of this lovely city. I loved that Zagreb was a small city, they are my favourite kind! I’d love to hear what’s your favourite small city or town and why?

Ban Jelačić Sqaure, Zagreb, Croatia

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Top 6 things to see in Zagreb, Croatia

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