Bled Island at Lake Bled in Slovenia, Europe

Roadtrip through Slovenia

We had four days in lovely Slovenia with three places in mind that we wanted to see, so we decided the best way to do this would be to rent a car to get ourselves around. I am so glad we did this because the views driving through the Julian Alps were flipping amazing!

Driving through the Julian Alps in Slovenia, Europe

Where to rent from?

We rented from Sixt Car Rental at the train station in Ljubljana. We had arrived on bus from Venice which dropped us right at the train station. The guys in Sixt were very patient and helped us out after a bit of bother with our payment. The deposit for the car was rather large, which is always the case when renting a car, but the deposit was returned within minutes of returning the car, amazing!!

Where to go?

Lake Bled

Bled Castle, Lake Bled, Slovenia, Europe

The drive to Lake Bled was only about an hour from Ljubljana and mostly motorway. We stayed at Hotel Trst which was right beside the lake and had amazing views of Bled Castle. If you are an active type of traveller there are plenty of activities for you here. Hiking, cycling, kayaking, swimming and supping are all easily available at Lake Bled.

Bled Island at Lake Bled in Slovenia, Europe

We decided to take a gentle stroll around the lake. It takes just over 2 hours to walk the whole lake and it’s 6.5 km in total. We also took a boat ride out to the island. It costs 14 Euro for a return trip and were given about half an hour on the island. You’re dropped at the bottom of a staircase. It is said that if a man can carry his partner up the stairs then they will live happily ever after. When you get to the top you have the church right in front of you. In the church you will get the chance to ring the bell which is said to make your wishes come true! Lake Bled is essentially fairy tale land.

Church on Bled Island at Lake Bled, Slovenia, Europe

After the island we went to try Bled Cake which is a type of cream cake that originates in the region. We got it in Restavracija Dax which was very close to the hotel. But they sell it in pretty much every restaurant and is definitely worth a try. One little tip is that most restaurants right beside the lake are crazily over priced so just walk a little bit away from the lake to save yourself (a lot of) Euros.

Bled Cake


The drive to Bovec was a bit harder as we were heading up into the mountains. Lots of winding, thin roads. We also accidentally drove into Italy as that was the fastest route but the rented car was not suppose to leave the country! So just make sure you map your journey properly!

Bovec, Soca Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia, Europe

Bovec is a little town in the Julian Alps. Here you can do all sorts of activities. Hiking, rafting, kayaking, canyoning and zip lining are all on offer here. We stayed at Hostel Soca Rocks which was a really lovely hostel that I would definitely recommend. The bed was comfy and there were plenty of common areas to sit and chill at. They had a bar and some hammocks in their garden. It was lovely to lay in the sun with a beer! The hostel offers a 10% discount on all the activities mentioned above too. We went for the rafting which was really good fun. The water was essentially ice though but let’s just call it refreshing!

Hostel Soca Rocks, Bovec, Soca Valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia, Europe

There was a lovely little restaurant only a short walk from the hostel called Felix. They do insane burgers and a nice breakfast. They were also the only place we came across in Europe that served iced coffee!

Skocjan Caves

The drive to the Skocjan Caves was just about an hour from Bovec and mostly motorways again. The Skocjan Caves are a UNESCO site, it is rated one of the most important caves in the world. It is also the largest cave within Europe.

Tourist Farm, Skocjan Caves, Slovenia, Europe

Tourist Farm

We stayed at Tourist Farm. This was the cutest little place I have ever stayed at. Most people come here to camp on their camp grounds. I don’t think they have many guests who actually stay in the house because they had forgotten we were coming and we were given a suite! The room was lovely and the views of the Slovenian countryside were just gorgeous.

Tourist Farm, Skocjan Caves, Slovenia, Europe

At the caves you can do a guided tour offered every hour or an unguided tour done twice daily. We went with the guided tour, it’s a one hour slow walk. No photos were allowed so you’ll just have to believe me that the caves were pretty incredible. You can see the paths of the first explorers of the caves! After the caves there’s some lovely homemade ice cream. We went back to the farm and ate some traditional Slovenian food. I went for goulash which was very tender beef with gravy and mashed potatoes, yum!


Triple Bridge, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

Tripe Bridge

Honestly all you need here is an hour. We walked most of the city in about 45 mins. Most other posts will tell you to check out the triple bridge. Maybe I missed something but it looked like a pretty average bridge to me! Metelkova is one thing worth checking out and is only a 5 minute walk from the train station. It’s an abandoned military barrack and has been squatted in since 1993. It is home to artists and musicians and the whole place is covered in amazing alternative art.

Metalkova, abandoned military barracks, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Metalkova, abandoned military barracks, Ljubljana, Slovenia

And that’s everything we did with our four lovely days in Slovenia. We had such a relaxing time here breathing in the fresh air, swimming in ice cold water and walking through wild flower meadows. Slovenia should be on your list, it really really should! Has this post convinced you to go? Have you been before? Is there anything I missed in Slovenia? I’d love to hear from you!

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Roadtrip through Slovenia

29 thoughts on “Roadtrip through Slovenia

  1. Linda de Beer says:

    We spent one afternoon and night at Lake Bled on our way home from Croatia and the plan has always been to go back to discover more. Your article has made me even more determined to do this.


  2. Bryony says:

    Did Ljubljana for a few days a couple of years ago and I’m dying to go to Lake Bled ever since. Everyone said it’s so scenic and amazing. I love Italys lakes so I’m sure Lake Bled is just as amazing.
    Thanks for sharing your detailed trip!


  3. anhistorianabouttown says:

    This looks like an amazing road trip! We’ve done a ton of road trips through Canada and the US, but the only European road trip I’ve done is from Dublin to the Ring of Kerry (very beautiful). I love finding local traditions like the stairs, and the cream cake- when you travel, it’s so lovely to find what is special and unique to that place. Also, were you able to go into the castle??


  4. Lenka says:

    Thanks for sharing! It is my dream for such a long time to do a road trip in Slovenia, saving your post to later, it is a great guide what to see and do ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Indie Chick says:

    Wow, looks like an awesome trip! Lake Bled looks magical, I like the thing about being carried up to the top of the tower and living happily ever after… how romantic! Love your photos!


  6. Gary says:

    Wow, for some reason I never even thought about Slovenia as a potential destination, but how wrong of me is that?? Awesome scenery and what viewsโ€ฆabsolutely amazing looking place. Must rethink this one now ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. Brianna says:

    A roadtrip sounds like the perfect way to explore Slovenia! It’s small enough that it would certainly be a manageable trip. I’m going to have to look into doing this…


  8. studenttraveller2017 says:

    Cool post! Next year Iโ€™m doing a road trip around the whole of Europe and Slovenia is one of the stops, never been anywhere like it and this post makes me more excited! Just come back from a road trip round the USA if you wouldnโ€™t mind checking out my blog โ˜บ๏ธ x


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